ADONIS Documentation

Main Features

  1. An easy-to-use, CAD-style, graphical input window that allows user to create geometry quickly and efficiently.
  2. The Snap options allow the user to quickly and easily "snap" exactly to any point or line segment in the view.
  3. Point-and-click selection.
  4. Powerful automatic mesh generators to generate triangular element.
  5. Data entry via dialog boxes, accessed from menus, toolbars and command panel.
  6. Element Types: constant strain triangle (3-noded triangle) and linear strain triangle (6-noded triangle).
  7. Built-in scripting language (JavaScript).
  8. Real-time display of construction sequences.
  9. Graphical display of loads and fixities.
  10. Full set of Zoom functions.
  11. Option to add user-defined models via C++.
  12. A material properties checking facility that can be set up with custom property values.
  13. Library of material models (e.g., elastic, Mohr-Coulomb plasticity, Hoek-Brown, strain-softening and modified Cam-Clay).
  14. Excavation, backfill simulation.
  15. Structural elements (e.g. beam, cable, tieback and strip elements).
  16. Convenient specification of general boundary conditions (Displacement and stress).
  17. Water table for effective stresses.
  18. Save and re-open the model at any stage.
  19. Available Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish.
  20. Automatic factor-of-safety (fos) analysis using shear strength reduction (SSR) technique.
  21. Interface element between support-soil/rock and rock-rock can take place.
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