Free Software

ADONIS is a free two-dimensional geotechnical finite element program.

User Friendly

The graphical user interface and automatic mesh generator provide pre- and post-processing capabilities for the ADONIS.


Scripting allows users to create their own solutions and customizations based on the core functionality provided by ADONIS.

User Defined Constitutive Model

Users can define their own constitutive model and integrate it into ADONIS by using a dynamic-linking library (dll).

ADONIS is Free Finite Element Software for Geo-Engineers. The goal of the ADONIS development is to improve the modeling and computational simulation in geotechnical engineering. ADONIS is under development, so users and developers should expect changes and updates on a regular basis. To talk to other users or developers who may be able to assist you with problems leave a message on our forum. We encourage all users or developers to visit the forum often to see what others are working on and to assist other researchers who may be having problems.

Get Involved

Fast and efficient model creation

ADONIS is an easy-to-use yet powerful geotechnical-engineering tool for the linear and nonlinear analysis of geotechnical problems. It features a full graphical user interface (GUI) for pre-processing or post-processing and uses fully automatic mesh generator to create complex finite element meshes. The graphical interface enable a quick generation of complex models, and the enhanced output facilities provide a detailed presentation of computational results.

Powerful post processing

The ADONIS post-processor has a relatively advanced data visualization and interpretation package. Global output visualization tools (contour plots and deformation plots) together with mouse navigations allows user to quickly home in on regions of most interest. Modeling result can be visualized using the graphing tools provided.